Friday, March 02, 2007

Fascinating Retouch from Adobe team

This picture is a miracle a magic, it is the end, ultimate the best, it was done by the Adobe expert, otherwise this picture couldn’t find everywhere, because the unique item, it sent me a friend of mine, professional man in PhotoShop. Beside of this picture I effort myself to find more marvelous picture

ike this one, the old woman who is marvelous masterpiece, but no similar as the first picture from this article.

As I dare to say that are really two pictures which deserve attention.

After still detail research I had satisfy to find some other video also on the topic extreme PhotoShop.
If I missed some marvelous PhotoShop picture, feel free to contact me or leave the comment.

Extreme (Photoshop) Makeover

Incredible video about PhotoShop retouch large number retouch and all the best are there!

As all strive as famous look well, and look how do they achieved!

Extremely similar video like well known Dove advertisement, but this time it seems to me it is turn down beautiful toward ugly.


Harsha said...

thats the power of photoshop..really a photographer's best frnd :)

Gundwolf said...

These are extremely well done, without a doubt. And from experience I can tell you that HOURS were put into these Photoshop renderings. But I feel the artist deleted too many of the foibles, the scars and blemishes, that give each person their individual and unique character. Taken away are also the emotions expressed in the countenances, the insecurity of the first woman and the life-hardships of the second. Suddenly, instead of REAL people, they have been recreated into the BEAUTIFUL people we like looking at here in America...and culturally acceptable. This is what drives people into self-destructive behaviors like eating disorders...trying to look like what the world expects of them. (Look how the artist made the first woman thinner by using his/her burn tool around her jaw line.) This is a matter of ethical consideration we need to address in our Photoshop renderings. This is far beyond retouching and restoration of photographs.